I had an unhappy incident in Church today, and angry as I was, I knew immediately the importance of putting it behind me as quickly as possible. But it wasn't possible, I couldn't help but kept mulling over it again and again, as if trying to justify to myself that I wasn't at fault in the first place. In all honesty, I still feel that I wasn't at fault...

Anyway, this incident reminded me of the importance of forgetting things.

We have always lauded the merits of remembering things but God has actually given us the blessing of forgetting things. There was a man who had a gigantic memory and he could recall even the most insignificance of things. He worked in a circus showing off his skills in identifying what everyone in the audience did just before entering into the tent. His exceptional gift amazed everybody. However no one knew his agony; how sleep eluded him because he just couldn't switch off his mind.

I can feel his pain to some extent because I have a good memory of past events; things said and done and even the facial expressions. Now, because of what had happened these past few years, I wish I can thoroughly forget about the past.

A few nights' back, a character from a tv drama put it aptly, "I am a happier person now that I'm suffering from Alzheimer's because no matter how bad the news about me or my family and how much my company's stocks have fallen, I forget my unhappiness quickly. I am not at all troubled now."

There is some truth there, some wisdom too. Forgive and forget. It is easier to forgive, but to forget? How often a scene or a word will replay itself in your most unguarded moments or even in your dreams? How often a similar place or familiar scent brings back memories and regrets?

I am going to pray for the ability to forget so that I can live a happier life. Live and let live, let go and I think many of you need this too.

May the Lord be gracious to all of you out there, those who are hurting, that you may forget more bad things and remember more of the goodness of our Lord.


Anonymous said...

Happy Resurrection Sunday !!!

RCUBEs said...

I think sometimes it's both...that it's not easy to forgive and forget. It is a hard situation when we get wounded and then what do we do if the Lord commands to always forgive even our enemies...May His strength always be yours. Happy Resurrection Sunday and God bless.

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for sharing Jane. Dealing with forgetting is harder for me. Relying more and more on my Heavenly Daddy to take past pains away. Safe hugs to you.