Make Me A Child Again

Dear Heavenly Father, I remember when I first met you as Jesus, it was your smile and unconditional love which drew me to you. I desired the peace and security found only in You.

As I grew I went back and forth in my faith, but You had proven Yourself Faithful. You'd met all my needs and was there whenever I needed you.

I'd learnt from You, through my obedience and disobedience, through the things I'd done right and things I'd messed up. But You have been forever merciful.

Your compassion never fail.

I am very sorry about my confusion now, happening deep inside my soul. The various doctrines I've encountered, the different stance each Church adopts, the way some believers walk their talk, and worst of all, my own failings, the inability to love without fear for perfect love casts out fear, but I fear and withdrew my love. I would rather live a peaceful life now than to risk being hurt again. I am not at all like You, it seems, though I know I'm made in Your image, though I know that the seeds of the fruit of the Spirit have been planted in me long ago...

Father, how I long to return to the time when I first knew You, when life was less complicated, when I simply believed... A childlike faith, how precious that is! Make me a child again Lord, restore me to Your peace and security.


Lloyd said...

Thank you Jane for visiting my blog. I am praying your prayer with you. Even King David prayed to God to have the joy of his salvation returned and to search his heart.

I have found that there is no "prefect church" and that some will have doctorines that you may not belief, but this one thing you must remember. Search the Holy Scriptures and study them and the Spirit of Truth will lead you to what God is saying and wanting you to do. I will be praying for you. God bless, Lloyd

RCUBEs said...

Prayed your prayer with you sister. We, humans, tend to have different beliefs. I have prayed about that I remember long time ago and sometimes still happens. That I just want to trust in Him. I pray that with you seeking Him, you will find more things of Him, not from humans but from the Spirit. God bless you sister and you're not alone in this life's struggles. Thank you for encouraging me also always.

Jane said...

Dear Lloyd and Rcubes, I can only say thank you for your love.

Anonymous said...

I understand so clearly ... each day is a new day and I start it with HIM and then the rest of the day seems to fall in place or I fall on my knees seeking strength when I feel weak ... when I was a wee little girl, there was a song that we would sing alot ... "I dont know about tomorrow I dont' seem to understand but I know who holds my future, and I know who hold my hand. Bless you sister