Your Life Is What You Choose

"Life is the sum of all choices."

This strong message was preached on the first Sunday this year. The pastor said, "It matters how you end (your life)!"

I was stunt! I expected him to preach on the importance of having a good start for the new year, on the importance of planning etc. But he talked about the end instead of the beginning! And I'm so glad he did!

Believers come from all walks of life, some are more blessed than others and some have harder lives, but it doesn't really matter how you begin your journey in life and in your faith, it MATTERS MORE how you end it! What's the point of begining faithfully to find yourself totally sold off to the world and compromising whatever you've learnt from Jesus in your last days?

As we journey through life, when we come to the cross-roads, what do we choose? The way that point to the Promised Land, or the way that points to the Good-Enough Land?

Every step of the way counts, one wrong turn can bring countless miseries. God's commands are not meant to stifle us, they are given to protect us from hurts and destructions.

Give careful thoughts to your choices, especially on those significant milestones in life. How will the sum of your life adds up finally? I sincerely hope that it'll be a pretty picture and one that gives glory to your Creator and Saviour. God bless you. :)

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Analisa said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing that!