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Ah, the 'good old days' when I tried my hands on internet marketing ...

I'd spent months exploring the various ways to earn an income through the internet, and finally settled on the infopreneur business model from SiteSell.com .

I studied the SBI! online manual diligently, spending hours daily at the computer, building a site from scratch, trying to convert what I already know from my daily life experiences, (i.e. from work experience, hobbies, passions or past-times) into a genuine, thriving enterprise, one step at a time. The trouble then was, alas, I didn't really have any idea what theme to base my site on as non of my interests seem profitable!

After a while, I finally decided to share my story on my difficulty to conceive with other women in the same plight, and started a site on infertility - http://www.getting-pregnant-tips.com/ . I must tell you, the whole experience was FULFILLING, not exactly a breeze, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes exasperating, but nevertheless, truly fulfilling.

The site was pretty successful as my keyword landed within the first few pages of Google Search! It was visited by about 1,500 unique visitors monthly from over 40 countries and I'd women writing to me, pouring out their woes, and to whom I attempted to comfort.

I made some money too from an affiliate merchant and google ads. The money wasn't much, but I'd just started then, I believe that if I'd continue with it, I would have expanded my income. However, after one and a half year into internet marketing, I sold off the site to somebody else (who did minimal changes to it) because of other concerns. But I really, truly, cherish the experience and am grateful that I have learnt and gained SO MUCH. :)

SiteSell offers a solid online business model and even makes it easy for newbies with zero technical skills to build a site. They also provides 100% professional technical support. I've good memories working with them; they answered all my queries courteously and resolved all my online problems promptly. If you are curious enough, click on one of these links to find out more; Video SBI! Tour , SBI! Slide Show .

There are of course other ways to earn an online income, through ebay, marketing ebooks etc (be careful of internet scams though). My friend, Angie, a former teacher and mother of three, makes beautiful cards which she sells through her blog. Those of you who would love to send a prototype card to your friends, please order one from her!

Well, this blog I've started? Nah, it's not exactly for income (though I definitely won't mind if you click on my ads, heehee), because I don't want to sweat it. So much more effort would be required to make it profitable. It's just a good channel to ventilate my thoughts, and to give thanks to my Creator for His blessings in life.

Heh, I enjoy blogging too. Yeah :)

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myra said...

Hello Jane thanks for the info I am trying this but all so looking for real work.haha