Growing Old, Growing Up

What is the average life span? Three score and ten? People seem to live longer than that nowadays, unless life is cut short by unforseen circumstances.

I don't want to live too long. Just long enough to see my sons grow up, settle down, perhaps get the chance to tickle my grandchildren a little bit, that's enough.

One of the reasons I'm tired of living sometimes, is ... I'm tired of repeating the same mistakes. There are mistakes that I'll make over and over again, no matter how I've been reminding myself NOT to repeat them.

Creature of habits eh? It is often said, "When you want to get rid of a bad habit, starve it!"

So easy meh?

Well, I must say that by God's grace, I've progressed or matured quite a bit over the years, yet, not at the rate I would love to grow. My former pastor once said, "Some people grow old but never grow up!"

How very true. Gasp! I hope I'm not one of them!

Aaaargh! I wish to practise more self-control, keep my disagreements to myself in the company of others. Cos' very soon, I'll be doing something different again. I pray that this time, I'll do better than to repeat the usual mistakes.

Must remember to keep my disagreements to myself, because most of the time, my opinions don't matter and are inconsequential to the development of events, which usually are beyond my control anyway.

Better grow up.

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